Our Mission

Families facing the challenges of life threatening illness are stretched to the limit ‘financially’, ‘emotionally’ and ‘physically’. The additional monetary burden of purchasing airline tickets is just too much.

Yet how in the world can anyone deny a loved one life-saving care solely because money is tight?

Therefore it has become the mission and commitment of Miles for Life to assure that each Jewish patient reaches the place where highest level of care is available, burden-free.

Donated Miles

The demand for our service is so pressing; Miles for Life books an average of 50 airline tickets per week

to facilities across the United States.
And the number keeps growing.
Chai Lifeline, Refuah Helpline, RCCS, VitalOne and others are all referring patients to Miles for Life and calls continue to rise.

True Stories From Our Grateful Patients

By the time we finally raised the thousands of dollars needed to get our son into the right clinic in Arizona, we were completely tapped out financially and totally exhausted. But we still needed tickets! l Miles for Life took care of everything! My son is now in the clinic, and slowly recovering.
When the hospital delayed our baby’s release again, I had to get to Cincinnati to relieve my wife. Even though it was Friday morning, thanks to Miles for Life, my wife got home to the rest she desperately needed and I flew to Cincinnati to stay with our baby, all on that one Friday.
Miles for Life booked me the exact tickets I needed and made me feel like a first class traveler in the process.
My daughter was anorexic. This condition in itself is dreadful and only the right center could make a difference. Miles for Life flew the patient there and back once she was doing better. I flew several times, back and forth, to be there for her. Thank God my daughter was discharged from the center and admitted that having mommy there much of the time gave her courage to cooperate, fight and win.
Thank you Miles for Life!

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Our Donors Speak

I’ve lost both of my elderly parents in the past year. I know exactly what attending a patient is all about. It is therefore my honor to help Miles for Life by sponsoring all of my accumulated mileage to ease the burden of others in their difficult times. May it be leilu nishmas my esteemed parents.
It was on the day of my son’s wedding. I prayed for his future and wanted to do something special as a merit. Miles for Life gave me there open booking for that particular day and I was more than happy to donate 60,000 miles.
Having a sick child who requires ongoing travel for treatment, I know all too well how exhausting and overwhelming it is. That’s why when I have unused mileage, I am so happy to donate it all to Miles for Life
As someone in the industry, I have a deep appreciation for how much knowledge, time and effort goes in to creating the ideal mileage booking. The people at Miles for Life are extremely professional and compassionate. It is my pleasure to help them in their amazing work by donating my miles.