Miles For Life

Miles for Life is a non-profit organization founded in response to the desperate need of Jewish patients requiring lifesaving medical treatment — at facilities located beyond the reach of ground transportation. Our mission is to provide free domestic airline tickets and free booking services to patients and accompanying family members by matching mileage donors wit essay writers financially needy patients.

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At the heart of Miles for Life is our mileage donor database. With more ways than ever before to accumulate air miles, many people find themselves with frequent flier miles sitting in their accounts.

Miles for Life harnesses the power of ‘your mileage’ to book tickets for desperate patients, free of charge.
Due to medical factors beyond a patient’s control, it is often necessary to make last minute flight changes. Booking tickets with mileage allows for changes to be made without incurring any additional fees and headaches.
The value of your donated mileage thus increases exponentially; not only are you saving the sick and their families desperately needed money, You are also providing the ideal booking scenario.

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Ami Article By Chaya Silber
“When you donate mileage you are donating life”.
-Mrs. Landau, Director, Refuah Helpline